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The Leaderboard section of Manage Workspace helps you see who the most productive members of  the community are.

Manage Workspace LeaderboardsIt displays insights on points accrued by members in your community and actions that contributed to these points. Using this feature, it can be determined who the most productive community members are.

Manage Workspace Leaderboards

In Manage Workspace, the Leaderboards section can be accessed from the Gamification icon on the left side menu. This is accessible from any screen in Manage Workspace. Select this menu item to display the leaderboard page that lists all the people in your community along with points awarded to them over different time frames.

Manage Workspace Leaderboards

This view can be filtered by points accrued over the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, all time or a time range you define. By default, the view will show over the last 30 days.

Manage Workspace Leaderboards

This view can also be segmented by the role of community members. By default, the view will show all community members. To learn more about different community member types, please read the following article – Community Roles & Titles.

Manage Workspace Leaderboards

To view the actions that contributed to members’ point totals. Select a person’s name in the leaderboard to navigate to their People detail to see point totals and the actions that earned them those points. This can be sorted by all contributions, conversations, responses, and likes received.

Email Notifications for Community Members

Community members receive an email notification when they achieve a new badge.  The notification reinforces the productive behavior that led to their badge award, and also provides an opportunity to hook them back into the community.

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