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Manage Workspace

The Manage Workspace application is home to all of your content, people, and category management tools.

Get Satisfaction Manage Content and UsersCommunity managers, support reps, marketing specialists, and other business users will predominantly use the Manage Workspace application to find the content that they’re looking for, reply and comment on community conversations, archive outdated conversations, and add the appropriate tags.

In order to access Manage Workspace, a community employee or champion must have a Management Seat associated with their account. All employees with a management seat will have full access to all of the capabilities within Manage Workspace. Champions with a management seat will have restricted access to some of these capabilities as well. The total number of Management Seats will vary based on your company’s contract with Get Satisfaction. If you need additional management seats, please contact our sales team.

Get Satisfaction Accessing Manage Workspace

To access Manage Workspace, select “Manage” from the drop-down menu that appears underneath the gear icon in the header of your community. Please note that you will only see this option if you have a management seat associated with the account you are logged in with. You can also access Manage workspace application by directly logging into the application via the URL<your_community_name>. You will use the same access credentials that you use for login into the community.

Sections include:

System Status

Company Updates