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Managing Topics

Topics are a core component to the Get Satisfaction customer engagement platform.

What’s a topic?

A topic is the general name for any new question, idea, problem, praise, or company update that gets posted in your community. All the responses from the community are replies for that topic. Replies can also have comments.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Content Hierarchy

There are four varieties of topics that users can create: Questions, Ideas, Problems, and Praise. Setting the topic types helps other users find information quickly, and helps the company categorize the posts and prioritize responses.

There is a fifth topic type available only to community employees, called “Company Update.” The most recent Company Update topic is highlighted in the right column of the Community Home Page, Get Satisfaction for Facebook, and in Engage widgets, and also appears in the Recent Activity stream.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Company Update Topic Type

 Searching for Existing Topics

Get Satisfaction performs two different kinds of search, depending on where a user is in the app. If a user is asking a question from the main box on the community’s home page, from a widget, from the Facebook app, or from the mobile app, our system will perform a “Topic Intercept Search” in effort to show the user the best matches already available. If none of them are a good match, you can click “Nope. Finish posting my question”, to complete your new topic.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

You can also search manually using the search tool at the top right of all the pages in the Community.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Basic Search

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Basic Search Results

For detailed information about how our search works, please check out the Search help page.

 Creating a New Topic

The Get Satisfaction platform tries to connect users to an existing question/ problem prior to posting, and there are two good reasons for this. One, when users are connected with an existing question that also answers their question, they’ll receive the help that they’re looking for much faster. Two, matching users up with existing content greatly reduces the amount of duplicate content in a community.

Most users will likely experience the topic intercept search prior to posting, but some might create a topic directly by clicking the “Start a Topic” button at the top of any specific Topic page in the community. On the new topic page, users can do the following:

  1. Choose a Topic type
  2. Give it a brief, but descriptive title that could help others recognize your issue.
  3. Compose a one or two paragraph topic in the “Add some details” box that explains your thought in as much detail as you can. You can also embed images and videos, and format your paragraph using a set of HTML elements.
  4. Select which products or services your question relates to, if appropriate.
  5. Add text tags and facial expression “emotitags”. Text tags help organize the information, and emotitags are used to give community administrators a quick sense of the mood in the community.
Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

New Topic Page

Once posted, the user can opt to share their topic by using the social sharing options displayed on the topic page.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Social Sharing Options

 Editing or Removing a Topic

The author of a topic, reply, or comment can edit or remove their content at any time so long as there are no subsequent replies or comments. Once a topic, reply, or comment receives additional replies or comments, the thread becomes locked from editing in order to preserve the context and transparency of the conversation.

Community members cannot edit or remove topics, replies, or comments from other users. If you are a community member and see a post that is clearly spam, or is otherwise violating the community’s guidelines, please report it to the company’s community manager by posting a new topic in that community.

Community employees can remove a topic, reply, or comment that has been posted in their community so long as they have a Management Seat enabled for their user account. All Get Satisfaction plans come with at least 1 Management Seat, and it can be enabled from the Employees & Roles page in the Admin Section. Community employees cannot edit topic descriptions, replies, or comments posted by community members. Community employees may edit the title of a topic in order to clarify the topic or improve search ranking, so long as a Management Seat is enabled for their user account.

To preserve transparency, we make a note of any post removal in the community’s Change Log, and allow anyone to respond to the change via email by clicking the “Dispute this change” link. The Change Log makes a record of the removal, but the content is not viewable. In the event of a dispute, the employee who took the moderation action will receive an email notification, and can reach out to the user to resolve.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Get Satisfaction’s Change Log

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Dispute a Change

Following and Unfollowing a Topic

When you follow a topic, the topic will appear on your user dashboard as an item you’re following, and you will receive email notifications when new replies/ comments are added to it.

By default, you are following any topic that you’ve posted, replied to, or commented on. You can also choose to follow a topic without replying by clicking the “follow” link next to the “+1” button. Note: Clicking “+1″ does not automatically follow a topic.

To unfollow a topic simply click the “unfollow” link that appears under the “Following” indicator on the topic page. Or, you can click the “Stop following this problem/question/idea/praise” link that’s in the notification email.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Managing Topics

Following and Unfollowing a Topic

RSS Options

RSS feeds will include some information about community activity. Currently, two RSS feeds are available:

  • (new topics in the community)
  • (new topics and replies in the community)

RSS feeds will not include the following details:

  • Private Topics
  • Access Controlled Topics
  • Article Topics
  • Access Controlled Replies

System Status

Company Updates