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Legacy Widgets

Get Satisfaction’s Legacy Widgets allow you to bring your community to your website with just a couple of clicks. Choose from 4 distinct widget types designed to help you bring your community’s conversation wherever you need it to be.

Legacy widgets are available for every plan level. Basic Legacy widgets are company-specific, while our Premium Legacy widgets, which are available to Connect and Enterprise communities, let you collect feedback on a product-specific or tag-specific basis, give you several customization options, and support secure connections over HTTPS. There are four types of widgets are available.

The Topic List widget shows current discussions in your community. The Satisfaction Search widget lets your customers search for answers to their questions, which can be converted into new topics, if they can’t find a matching topic in the community. The Feedback Tab and the Feedback Page both encourage the user to add their voice to the conversation. Both show current conversations and let users create new topics within the widget. The main difference between the Feedback widgets is that the Feedback Tab widget creates a small feedback tab that users click in order to reveal a feedback overlay, while the Feedback Page widget is embedded directly into your page design.

To add a widget to your site, go to the Legacy Widgets page in your Admin section. Click “Get the code for this widget” underneath the description of the widget that you want to use. Then set any available options for that widget, and click the “Update your code button”. The generated code can used as-is, inserted before the closing body (</body>) tag on the appropriate page in your site.

Get Satisfaction Legacy Community Application Legacy Widgets

Rhapsody integrated Legacy Widgets into their help pages.

Legacy Widgets are not available for communities in languages other than English.

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