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FAQs for the New Community Application

In the fall of 2013, Get Satisfaction introduced a new community experience. What makes it different from the Legacy version of the Get Satisfaction platform is that it is:

  • More engaging – with more ways for customers to discover content, participate in conversations, and learn about what the community has to offer.
  • Device agnostic – so that the community will display optimally on any mobile or tablet device running any browser or OS.
  • Easier to customize – no hacking necessary; we’ve built some of your most popular customizations into the product.

The new Community Application is now available. This FAQ page is meant to be a resource for those still on the Legacy platform who are considering moving to the new version.

What version of Get Satisfaction do I have?

The new community application is still in beta until the end of October, 2013. Unless you’ve spoken with someone on our team specifically about switching to the new community application, you’re likely still running the existing application – now referred to as the legacy application.

The legacy application is the original version of our software. It is not built on a responsive framework, meaning if you try to adjust the size of your browser the application will not resize itself on it’s own. The legacy application also has an older design aesthetic, and you had to use custom code to manipulate its appearance.

Has my version changed at all since this application was released?

No. Your version of the application has not changed at all since the new community application was released. You have to manually opt-in to the new application. If you are on a supported plan, and would like to enable the new version of the application, please read this conversation for instructions on how to enable the new version: How do I transition my community over to the new version?

If you are not on a supported plan, and are interested in upgrading in order to take advantage of the new application, please contact our sales team for more information!

What are the differences between the new application and the legacy application?

The new community application is built on a responsive framework that will automatically resize for your community members depending on what size device they’re visiting the community from. All of your branding will apply regardless of device size. The legacy application does not have this core functionality.

The legacy application had functionality for both community members and community managers combined into one application, which made it hard to update and optimize. With the new community application, we’ve moved the functionality for community managers into a separate application (Manage Workspace) that is optimized for their needs. Moderation tools will not appear on the topic pages in the new community application, so community managers must use Manage Workspace to manage content and users. A link to Manage Workspace is available to community managers from all conversation pages. The new community application is optimized for the needs of your community members.

Which plans have access to the new community app?

The new community application is available for all current plans, and selected legacy plans:

  • Enterprise Unlimited Edition
  • Enterprise Community Edition
  • Small Business Edition
  • Enterprise Premium (legacy)
  • Enterprise Professional (legacy)
  • Enterprise Lite (legacy)
  • Small Business Pro (legacy)

The new community application is not available for the following legacy plans:

  • Integrate (monthly)
  • Connect (monthly)
  • Small Business (monthly)
  • Grow (monthly)
  • Start (monthly)
  • Free

If you would like to switch your community to the new application, but are not on a supported plan, please contact our team for information on how to upgrade.

How do I switch to the new community application?

If you’re on a supported plan, you can easily switch to the new community application from the Community Details page in the Configure Workspace. There are a few things to be aware of before you flip the switch, so please read this guide for detailed information on the transit: How do I transition my community over to the new version?

If you’re not on a supported plan, you will need to upgrade before you can use the new application. Contact our team for details!

What features have been added to the new community application?

So many! In building this application, we’ve:

  • Made it responsive, so it’ll look nice and behave naturally on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers!
  • Refined the overall user interface and design
  • Simplified and optimized the color palette so you can easily brand the community
  • Added the ability to search within a category, and create a new conversation from a category page. Category pages are almost like mini-community landing pages
  • Added the ability to see who voted for a particular topic or answer
  • Added the ability to see who is following a topic or category
  • Added the ability to agree with a Praise
  • Added the ability to remove your “Me Too!” vote if you added it by accident
  • Added additional social sharing options via AddThis
  • Added “Related Conversations” and “Related Categories” on conversation pages to help surface additional content
  • Added a banner at the top of the community to highlight latest updates
  • Featured the top categories at the top of the community homepage
  • Defaulted the community homepage to show the most recent activity
  • Added the ability to see the most recent community contributors
  • Added the ability to easily customize labels in the community, including “Champions” and “Employees”

And that’s just the beginning! We have been releasing product features and updates on a bi-weekly basis since the new community application was made available.

Will my existing customizations transfer to the new application?

Anything that you have used custom code to create/ hide/ move will not apply to the new community application. Not managing custom code will make your community so much easier to update and maintain, and it ensures that the application remains truly responsive for your users.

We have productized a lot of the most popular customizations, and will continue to productize customizations so that it’s easier for you to customize your community going forward. For instance categories will be featured at the top of your community page, and there will be an announcement bar that highlights your latest community updates. Those two features used to require custom code to implement in the existing application.

We release features and fixes every 2 weeks, so if there’s a customization that you rely on that isn’t yet available, please don’t worry! Let us know, and we can work with our product team on your request.

What will I get to customize in the new application?

With the new version of the application, we’ve productized a lot of the most popular customizations that our customers currently use. Common customizations that will be available at launch include:

  • Ability to add a custom header/ footer to your community that is hosted on your secure servers
  • Full control over changing the colors in the application. These color changes apply to the tablet & mobile views of the application as well
  • Ability to add a custom browser favicon
  • Ability to customize certain phrases and calls to action that appear in the application

Additional customization options will be made available as we continue to add features to the application. Check out our help page for specific information: Customization & Branding.

Will I lose my user’s content I transition to the new application? Will I have to migrate the content anywhere?

Nope! When you transition to the new community application you will not lose any user-generated content in the process. It’s literally the flip of the switch! No content migration is necessary.

Why should I transition to the new community application?

The new application is much more than a redesign – it’s a complete overhaul of our platform. We’ve worked feverishly to enhance our back end architecture, build stronger APIs, redesign the user interface, improve SEO, and include lots of features that you’ve been asking for! The new platform is built with responsive design principles, so you’ll be wherever your customers are regardless of device. There’s no SDKs, and nothing for your users to download. It just works out of the box!

The application has added features designed to make the community feel more transparent, social, and human, and there are improved navigation and content discovery features for your community members. We’ve enhanced our branding capabilities, so it’s easier for you to set up and make changes to the community without involving your website team. The overall design is much more modern, and is built on the platform that we’ll be innovating on going forward. For instance, after the launch of the new application we’ll be adding features like private conversations and access controlled categories. Those features will not be available on the legacy application.

When will I have to move to the new version?

As of right now, we do not have any specific timeline for moving you to the new version. You can stay on the legacy community application for as long as you need to feel comfortable with the new version, though we do recommend switching sooner rather than later in order to take advantage of the great features!

Ask us your questions!

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For questions about your current plan, or upgrading to a new plan, please fill out this form: I have a question about upgrading to a new plan.

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