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The Get Satisfaction for Yammer integration allows you to push any new topics and replies that are created in your Get Satisfaction community directly into your Yammer activity stream! This integration is a snap to install — simply follow the instructions below and you’ll be sending Get Satisfaction activity to your Yammer activity stream in minutes.

Due to Yammer’s Activity Stream data model, you have to create one user in Yammer that acts as the proxy to the community. E.g.: a Yammer user called “Customer Community.”


  1. Visit the Integrations page of the Admin section in your Get Satisfaction community
  2. Click on Yammer icon on the Integrations page, and then the Start Authorization button
  3. A new window will pop up. Authenticate as the proxy Yammer user, and follow the authorization instructions you’re presented.
  4. Click the Authorize button to grant authorization for your Home Yammer network. Please note, this integration will only work with your Home Yammer network.
  5. Copy the given verification code into the text box below, and navigate back to the Integrations page in Get Satisfaction. Click “finish authorization.”
  6. Close the Yammer authorization window.
  7. On the Get Satisfaction Integrations page, choose which types of topic updates you’d like to send to your Yammer activity stream, and then click update.

Make sure the people in your Yammer network know to follow the proxy user you created. Once they follow the proxy user, they will see the interesting new topics being posted in your community from their Yammer stream, and jump in where they see fit.

If for some reason you don’t get through all steps and the integration is in an in-between state, simply delete the integration from the Get Satisfaction Integrations page, and start over.

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