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Use Full Customizations to embed Velaro’s live support button in your community homepage.

Enterprise customers can use the Full Customization option to integrate the Velaro live chat service into their Get Satisfaction community. Once integrated, your customers will be able to search the community knowledge base for details around their issue.  If they find an answer to their issue, they can immediately jump to that topic for support. If this is a new problem, the customer is instantly placed into a private chat session with a support representative.

The Velaro integration requires Full Customization. To add Velaro to your Get Satisfaction community, simply add the Velaro Customization Code (hosted on GitHub) to the Footer HTML customization option. The Footer HTML customization option is located on the “Customizations” page in the Admin section of your community. Once customized correctly, you should have a “Chat Now” box appear in the upper right hand corner of your community.

Get Satisfaction Velaro Integration

Notice the “Chat Now” button in the upper right hand corner of the community!

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