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Pivotal Tracker

The Pivotal Tracker integration allows employees in your community to import community Ideas as Pivotal Project Tasks, and community Problems as Pivotal Bugs.


  1. Log into Pivotal Tracker and choose the appropriate Project. Click “Integrations”
  2. Choose “External Tool Integrations” and click “Get Satisfaction from the drop down menu
  3. Fill out the Name, Company and Product information. Company and Product should be the last part of the URL, as shown below
  4. Click Save


Get Satisfaction Pivotal Tracker Integration


Your integration should now be set up! To use the integration, log into Pivotal and go to the appropriate project. From the “More” menu, click Get Satisfaction to add the Get Satisfaction column to your project. From there, you can import the topic details to to a Pivotal Tracker story.

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