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Export topics to your JIRA instance and automatically push comments back to the community.

This integration allows community managers to export community topics to their JIRA instance where product and development teams can investigate and evaluate. All replies to community issues within the JIRA interface are automatically posted to the topic page, along with the status of the issue. Topic statuses in Get Satisfaction are automatically updated when JIRA issues are resolved, so customers know their feedback has been addressed without adding extra work for your team.

Getting Started

In order to integrate your Get Satisfaction and JIRA instances, you’ll need the following:


To set up this integration you’ll need to configure from both the Get Satisfaction community and JIRA instance. There are quite a few steps to fully setting up the integration, so please read through this set-up guide carefully.
Part 1: Configuring Get Satisfaction

        1. Log into your Get Satisfaction community
        2. Click “Admin” from the grey community tools bar
        3. Click “Integrations” on the left hand side of the page
        4. Click on the JIRA icon and fill out the credentials for your JIRA instance

Get Satisfaction JIRA IntegrationNote: Make sure the JIRA user you assign for the Get Satisfaction integration has appropriate permissions to create issues in JIRA. Before you enter the user here, log into JIRA with this user and try to create an issue in the appropriate JIRA product to confirm the user can create new issues. Use the correct JIRA username (not your email address).

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration
Part 2: Configuring JIRA
Once you’ve configured the integration on the Get Satisfaction side, log into JIRA to finish the set up process.

  1. Log in to JIRA as an administrator
  2. Create a JIRA project for your Get Satisfaction community if you have not already done so
  3. Navigate to the gear drop down in the upper menu bar and choose the “Add-Ons” menu option

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Click “Add-Ons”

  4. Choose “Connections” from the left hand side of the add-ons page

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Click “Connections” from the left hand menu

  5. Under “Cloud Connections” choose the Get Satisfaction cloud connector and name the new connection. Click through to the next page

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Name the connection

  6. Click “Manage Application Links” and fill in the details around this application. Replace “/getsatjira” with your community’s domain for both the RPC and display URLs. Then click “Add”

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Add the appropriate details

  7. Once you’ve added the appropriate application link details, click “Configure Authentication”

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Click “Configure Authentication”

  8. Complete the authentication form with your Get Satisfaction credentials Keep Going! Once you’ve completed the authentication form go back to the Connections page (step 4), and continue:
  9. On the Connections page, enter the name of your connection and connection type
  10. Choose the application link that you built in the Manage Application Links step (step 6), and click “Add”
  11. On the next page, click the Launch Wizard button
  12. Associate the Topic object (drop-down) with the JIRA project that you want to associate to your Get Satisfaction community. Click “Yes” to automatically associate fields, and then click “Create Configurations” Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration
  13. Once you’ve completed the Default Configuration Setup, click the “Click Here” link to the Mappings section Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration
  14. Click on the “Field Mapping” page, and add the following 2 options
    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Option 1: “Summary” mapping option

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Option 2: “Resolution” mapping option

  15. Once both mappings have been added, click on “Map Values” for the Status Field

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Click on Map Values

  16. Add the following status mappings:

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Topic Status Mappings

    Topic Status Mappings

  17. Go back to the connections page and click “Product and Style Mappings”

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Product Style Mappings

    Product Style Mappings

  18. Add a mapping between the Get Satisfaction Product and JIRA Project. Then click “Add”
    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Product/ Project Mapping

    Product/ Project Mapping

  19. Add a mapping between the Get Satisfaction Style and JIRA Issue Typ. Then click “Add”

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Style/ Issue Type Mapping

    Style/ Issue Type Mapping

  20. Click on “Mapping Schemes,” in the configuration under Cloud Connectors

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Click “Mapping Schemes”

    Click “Mapping Schemes”

  21. Configure the existing Schema

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

    Click “Configure”

  22. Make sure all unassigned issue types are associated with the topic mappings you created above

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Confirm mappings for unassigned JIRA issues

    Confirm mappings for unassigned JIRA issues

  23. Go to your project page in JIRA
  24. Click on Administration , then Project Mappings

    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Project Mappings

    Click “Project Mappings”

  25. Select your Get Satisfaction mapping from the dropdown, and then click “Associate”
    Get Satisfaction JIRA Integraiton - Click “Associate”

    Click “Associate”


Expected Behavior
Once both the Get Satisfaction and JIRA sides of the integration have been properly configured, you’ll be able to export topics from your community into JIRA simply by clicking the “Export” link that now appears on the community topic. In order to export topics, the community employee must have a Management Seat enabled for their account.

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integraion - Export a Conversation

Export to JIRA straight from a topic page.

Successful exports will have a “Success!” message appear at the top of the topic page

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Note the success message

Please ensure that your entire development team is aware that all comments added to the imported JIRA issue will automatically be pushed back to the public community topic. However, new replies posted to the community topic will not push into to JIRA once the topic has been exported. Topic statuses in the community will update when the JIRA issues are marked as resolved.

Common Errors
If you try to configure your integration and encounter one of the following errors, try the troubleshooting tips provided.

1. Robot Error: Petite Vermillion Kangaroo Suspects
If you encounter a server error with the code: “petite vermillion kangaroo suspects” it’s likely due to an HTTP / HTTPS conflict. Make sure you use HTTPS when configuring the integration on the Get Satisfaction side.

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Error occurs when HTTP is used instead of HTTPS

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Ensure HTTPS is used on the GS side

2. Robot Error: 50x!!
The 50x!! server error could mean one of two things.

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Robot Error: 50x!!

1. The username entered in the Get Satisfaction side authentication is wrong

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Be sure to use the JIRA username

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - JIRA username

JIRA username

2. The connection to JIRA hasn’t been added properly (see steps 3-10 under JIRA configuration)
3. Robot Error: Venerable Jade Egret Communes
If you encounter a server error with the code: “venerable jade egret communes” it’s likely that the password you entered during the Get Satisfaction side configuration is wrong.

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Ensure your password was entered correctly

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration
4. Robot Error: Cerebral Purple Urchin Kibitzing
The robot error: “Cerebral Purple Urchin Kibitzing” is the general error for a bad configuration in JIRA.

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Issue with JIRA Mappings

Issue with JIRA Mappings

The most common error for this is caused by a misconfiguration in the mappings you configured in your JIRA instance. To avoid this error, go to JIRA and click on Add-ons from the tools drop-down menu. Then click Connections, and then Product Style and Mappings

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration

Click Product and Style Mappings

Ensure both of your mappings have been set appropriately. If you’re unsure if your mappings have been set appropriately, or are just generally stuck, the easiest thing to do is to delete all mappings, application links, and add-ons, and start over.
5. Google Apps Sign In
The current version of the Get Satisfaction and JIRA integration does not support Google logins. To get around this issue, create a new JIRA user with a full email address. Make sure this user has full JIRA issue creation permissions. Use this user when you authenticate in the Get Satisfaction configuration steps.

Get Satisfaction JIRA Integration - Google Apps Sign In

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