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Add federated search between your customer community and knowledge base to your Help Center.
The integration provides a federated search capability so that when customers are in the Help Center they are able to do one search that will pull relavent content from the linked Get Satisfaction customer community and This integration is configured from the side. Follow these steps to connect your Get Satisfaction community with your Help Center.


  1. Log in to your instance and navigate to the Admin Panel
  2. Once you’re in the Admin Panel, navigate to “Channel” and then click on “Web Templates”.
  3. Edit your default template by clicking the gear icon for settings.
  4. Scroll down to the “Get Satisfaction Settings” and click to enable “Get Satisfaction Integration”. Then, enter your Get Satisfaction Company Name. Note: Your Get Satisfaction company name is the end of the your Get Satisfaction web address.
  5. Click “Update” when you are finished.

Get Satisfaction Desk IntegrationThe Fotomoto support portal uses the integration. Notice how when a customer does a search, content from both and Get Satisfaction appear in the results.

Get Satisfaction Desk Integration

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