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Welcome Email

The custom welcome email feature allow your community manager with a management seat to create a custom welcome email that will be sent to new users in your community. This feature works separately from the bulk invite feature, which allows you to suggest specific categories to follow, and also grant them access to restricted categories.

The ability to send a custom welcome email gives the community manager a great new way to engage with their audience right when they join the community. Being able to include a welcome message, helpful links, and even add in images can create help to engage community members when they join the community and guide them around the important areas of the community. There is even the option to include raw HTML.

Welcome Email

You can craft custom welcome emails from Configure Workspace. To do this, start in the main Configure Workspace area. From the menu on the left-hand side, select “Welcome Email”.

Welcome Email

A new screen will appear. This is where the content of the custom welcome email can be entered. The WYSIWG editor allows for the use of text, links, images, and even raw HTML.

You can also create the title of the email that will be sent. You can also enter a specific email address for this email to come from. It may be good to create a general community email alias that your entire community team will have access to should your community members reply to this email.

Dynamic Variables: We have used Liquid templating engine to add dynamic variables to the template. To better understand these variables, please read this GitHub documentation.

The variables that are currently available for use are:

  • {{USER_EMAIL}}
  • {{USER_NAME}}

When using these variables, such as {{COMPANY_NAME}}, it will replace the variable inside the double braces before sending the email.

Welcome Email

Once you have crafted your custom welcome email, there are three options that you can choose – Publish, Save Draft, and Send Test.

Publish – Clicking this option means that this is the email you would like to have sent to new community members going forward. New community members will receive this email right after they register for your community.

Save Draft – Clicking this option means that this version will be stored and can be edited, but will not start sending to new community members until it is published.

Send Test – Clicking this option allows for you to send a copy of your custom welcome email to any email address that you specify. In order for the test to be sent, a draft of the welcome email will need to be saved first.

Welcome Email

The joining process will continue to look the same to your members. The only difference is that this custom email will arrive in their inbox after they have joined your community.

Please note that this will be sent to those who have registered Get Satisfaction accounts. Currently, it may not be sent to all users who have registered with a social account as their login option.

If you have invited someone through the bulk invite feature, they will still receive their invitation email. After accepting their invitation, they will not receive the custom welcome email. This is because the bulk invite feature already includes the option for you to customize the invitation email.

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