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Federated Search

Federated Search allows users to access other knowledge base sources from community search.

Get Satisfaction Federated SearchGet Satisfaction Federated SearchGet Satisfaction’s Federated Search feature allows you to unify your existing knowledge bases, product directories, and other content repositories with Get Satisfaction Community search. Customers simply enter in a search term from within Get Satisfaction and receive the results from any source using our user-friendly interface. Your customers get a better self-serve experience by getting the answers they need. You benefit from lower support costs by deflecting issues from customer service representatives.

Once configured, Get Satisfaction Federated Search is available within your Get Satisfaction web community, your Facebook community, or you can leverage the Get Satisfaction API to create a custom search experience. We’ll serve results that are clearly labeled by source. Clicking on the federated search results will open a new tab with the external resource.

Get Satisfaction Federated Search

Supported Content Types

Get Satisfaction Federated Search supports the following content repositories:

  • Google Custom Search - Customers using Google Custom Search will need to provide their Google Engine ID and Google API Key in order to configure Federated Search
  • Google Site Search - Customers using Google Site Search will need to provide their Google Engine ID in order to configure Federated Search
  • Zendesk Public Forum - Customers using Zendesk Public Forum must provide their Zendesk URL
  • Open Search v1.1 - Customers using Open Search v1.1 must ensure the Open Search endpoint accepts RSS+XML. The endpoint should look like:
  • Knowledge Base – Customers wishing to use Knowledge Base as a content repository must purchase our Salesforce integration, as the Knowledge Base uses the same stored authorization credential in order to make the API calls for federated search

If you do not wish to purchase Get Satisfaction for Salesforce, you can pull in Knowledge Base via Google Custom Search so long as your KB articles are publically indexed. For information on the different Google Searches please read this article.

Setting Up Federated Search

To set up federate search for Google Custom Search, Google Site Search, Zendesk Public Forum, and Open Search v1.1 navigate to the Configure Workspace. To set up federated search for Knowledge Base, you must first install the Get Satisfaction for Salesforce integration, then navigate to the Configure Workspace.

From Configure Workspace, click on the Federated Search link on the left hand side of the workspace, and then click the green “Configure New Search Engine” button. Choose the appropriate content repository from the drop down menu, and add the required search engine details. Specify how and where to show the search results in your community.

If you’d like, you can preview your search query prior to saving the configuration. Click “Save Settings” when you are finished.

Get Satisfaction Setting Up Federated Search

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