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Introduction to Developer Tools

The Get Satisfaction API seeks to expose every and all functions of the web application such that you could recreate the entirety of Get Satisfaction if you so desire.

How to get a key

Only customers of our Enterprise plans have access to an API key. The key can be found in your community’s Admin area.

Note: You only need a key to write to the API, and we also recommend that you check out our OAuth information

Response formats

Request made to the Satisfaction API can be responded to with two different formats: Mixed Atom/XHTML and JSON.

You can specify which response format you would like to use through either the Accept header, or appending a format extension onto the end of your request URL, e.g. .json.

Accept Header

You can choose your response format by adding an Accept header to each HTTP request you make against the API.

text/html Mixed Atom and XHTML
application/atom+xml Mixed Atom and XHTML
text/x-json JSON
text/javascript JSON


System Status

Company Updates