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Get Satisfaction API – Getting Started

Get Satisfaction provides both an open and a premium API which allow developers access to  public and private data and the functionality to build full-featured applications.

A quick overview

The API is simple, clean, RESTful, and it should let you replicate almost all the functionality of Get Satisfaction.

In addition to the API Get Satisfaction provides a single sign-on feature called FastPass, which allows companies to send their registered users into the support community with their login credentials and any additional information they’d like to track on a per user basis.

If you are not a technical person, or just want the job done fast, the Get Satisfaction Widgets might be best for you. They are an easy way of including some of Get Satisfaction’s functionality into your own site.

Check out our API introduction to get some insights into how the API works.

You can also go straight to the details in our API reference.

To more easily leverage the API, developers have created Ruby, PHP and Python libraries.

System Status

Company Updates