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Self Service %

You can find the Self Service % metric on the Community Health tab, the first report on the left. It is repeated on the Responsiveness tab for those with CHA Advanced, on the top left as well.

Analayze Workspace Self Service

How to interpret it

Of all the topics posted in the last 30 days and resolved, the % that did not require employee intervention.

Why it is important

If one of your goals is to deflect the costs of Support tickets, this can help you measure your progress against that goal. Questions and Problems are being raised within your community, and you are gaining efficiency when your Members and Champions are able to provide the right guidance independently.

Community Involvement and Expertise: If the individuals in your community are going out of their way to help each other, then this is a positive indication of their commitment. Furthermore, it proves that they have built the necessary expertise about your product to facilitate productive conversations.

How it is calculated

Numerator: The total number of topics created in the last 30 days in which a resolution has been reached (Problems marked as Solved, Questions marked as Answered), in which Employees took no action in the conversation.

Denominator: The total number of topics created in the last 30 days in which a resolution has been reached.

The Self Service % is reached by dividing the above two measures.

Best Practices

While there is no ideal number for this metric, you can benchmark it and set goals that align with the strategic objectives of your community. For example, if yours is at 10% and Support deflection is important to you, it might make sense to try to drive it up to 15 or 20% next quarter. But remember, a 100% Self Service score might result from your employees not engaging at all, so higher is not better in every case.

It’s also key to point out that you or your employees might unintentionally drive this metric down, by taking actions on topics which do not require your input. For example, replying “Nice work” after a Champion solves a problem will exclude a topic from being “self-serviced”.

If you want to give credit to a Champion or Member for resolving an issue while preserving the accuracy of this metric, you can mark his or her reply as Official.

Do More With It

If you’re interested in customizing this report to your needs (for example, a different date range), learn about it here.

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