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Leaderboard Tab

Leaderboards is a set of reports with its own tab on the Analyze page. This tab exists in both the Basic and Advanced versions of Community Health Analytics. The basic version contains six reports related to Topics, while the Advanced version also contains sections focused on Users, Employees, Reply Counts, Responsiveness, and Categories/Tags.

Analyze Workspace  Leaderboard Tab

How to interpret it:

Leaderboards for Topics, Users, Employees, and Reply Counts are very straightforward. For example, Topics with the Most Activity shows a list of Topics sorted by the number of activities* associated with them.

Use reports in these first four sections to:

  • Summarize the key conversations going on in your community
  • Identify potential champions
  • Evaluate Employee and Champion engagement
  • Identify the most popular ideas– rank them by most Stars given, or by most Activity generated
  • Brainstorm topics for future company-generated posts
  • Track which topic types get the most activity
  • Investigate further by clicking directly to a specific Topic, User, or Reply in the community– everything in this section is hyper-linked.

*Activities for a Topic include Replies, Stars, and Me-Toos.

*Activities for a User, Employee, or Champion include Topics Created, Replies, Stars, and Me-Toos.

Dashboard filters:

At the top of the page there are three filters. You’ll notice that as you make adjustments to those selections, the reports below will immediately change to reflect the new parameters.  Use these to select one or more topic types and user types, and a date range to include in the reports below.

Analyze Workspace  Leaderboard Tab


Responsiveness can be a very telling set of reports, as it describes how quickly your members tend to receive a reply to their posts. This measure is split out by Topic Type and by User Type, both during Business Hours and All Hours.

How to interpret it:

The data shown here are best understood in the context of your community goals. For example, if you aim to provide a self-service community, you would hope to find that Users and Champions are quickest to reply. If ideation is important to you, you might expect Employees to immediately join the conversation when a new Idea is posted. If your primary goal is to provide support, you might decide that Questions and Problems should receive a reply within two hours. Some questions you might want to ask, as you review these reports:


  • Do the response times shown here meet SLAs that have been set with your customers?
  • Does it take more time than you thought to reply to Problems and Questions?
  • Are your Users jumping in to help each other, or does all the responsibility fall to the Champions and Employees?

More filtering:

Note that the Responsiveness section contains its own date filter, using the Topic Created Date. Making a selection from this date filter will affect all the reports below it, and will include data only from the topics originally created during the selected range. This differs from the date filter used in the top section, as that filter brings in any Activity in the chosen period, regardless of when the topic was originally posted. The Topic Type and Role filters at the top will affect all the reports on this page.

Defining your Business Hours:

For the reports containing “First Reply During Business Hours”, it is important that the dashboard has been set up to reflect the business hours that are relevant to you. Take the following steps to verify and/or change your business hours:

Single-Sign in to view your dashboard in GoodData -> Manage -> Variables -> Business Hours Start/End. For the Default Value, enter the hour based on 24-hour time (e.g. 17 = 5pm). -> Save Changes

This will alter the calculations so that off hours are not counted in your reply times. If Business Hours Start and End are set to 0, then it is assumed you are a 24-hour business, and there will be no difference in your Business Hours and All Hours reporting.

Analyze Workspace  Leaderboard Tab

Analyze Workspace  Leaderboard Tab

Analyze Workspace  Leaderboard Tab

Products (Categories) and Tags

Please note that Products in CHA refers to what you know as Categories within Get Satisfaction. This section of reporting is intended to surface which Categories and Tags are assigned to the most topics, and is useful in any efforts to re-organize or re-categorize your community’s content.

Public Tags are only available in our legacy app, so this section might not be relevant any longer for most of you.

Private Tags are applied in the Manage console, and this report provides a ranking of how those are being used.


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