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Configure Workspace

Configure Workspace is the backend administration and configuration portal for your community. It is where you will set up community details, integrations, and customizations. This workspace will be accessed often during the initial setup and launch of your community.

Configure The Community

Once your community has launched, Community Managers will occasionally need to access this workspace to manage their roles & Management Seat access, manage private tags, and update basic details that appear on the community homepage.

Sections include:

Who can access Configure Workspace?

Access to the Configure Workspace is limited based on what role you have in your communities. Admin roles have full access to Configure, Official Reps have limited access to Configure, Employees and Champions do not have access to Configure at all. For detailed information about the privileges each role as associated with it, please review our Community Roles & Privileges Grid.

How do I access Configure Workspace?

The Configure Workspace can be accessed simply by clicking the “Configure” link in your community toolbar.

Accessing Configure Workspace

This link is located in the navigation drop-down menu under the gear icon. Your community toolbar will vary based on what version of the application you are running, so please review the below screenshots if you are unsure. You can also access the Configure Workspace simply by adding /admin to the end of your community’s URL. If you do not see the Configure link in your toolbar it’s likely that you do not have the appropriate role privileges associated to your user account.


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