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Single Sign On

Many customers come to Get Satisfaction hoping to single sign on to their community, which means passing credentials from your service to ours so that your customers never have to know they are logging in to the community. One less password to remember!

FastPass, Get Satisfaction’s single sign on product, has two distinct flows: the direct link from your site to your community, and the case where there is an email about a topic and customer clicks a link from that email.

Scenario 1: User visits your website / logs in / follows link to the community

The customer is interacting with your company, Acme Services, and enters an experience where they need to be logged in:

Great! In a flash, they have given you their username and password, same as always.

Now, they need some extra help with Acme’s new gadgets, so they go to the Help page. Here, there is a link to your Acme Get Satisfaction community. Great! Communities have lots of answers:

Silently, in the background, your server passed FastPass credentials to our server. This then allows Get Satisfaction to write session cookies for this customer for both your domain and the domain.

The customer clicks a link and is instantly in the community and logged in.

Hooray! They post and read and comment to their heart’s content, without ever having the inconvenience of an extra login prompt.


Scenario 2: User gets an email about a topic or uses a bookmark to get to the community

The customer arrives at Get Satisfaction without the session cookies from Acme Services:

In order to write a new topic, Acme needs to verify the customer’s credentials. So, when they click “Log in” within the community, we prompt them to log in to Acme’s site, using a pop up:

After they put in their username and password, the window that popped up, will send the FastPass authentication to Get Satisfaction’s servers:

Then the pop up closes and goes away:

Hooray! They post and read and comment to their heart’s content, all over again!

Ready to get started with your implementation?

See the code guide on the Implementing FastPass. You can also set up SAML Single Sign On.

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