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Incorporating Twitter & Facebook

Using our Facebook and HootSuite integrations, you can leverage your community to help increase the value of Twitter and Facebook to your marketing, support, and community strategies.

Get Satisfaction for Facebook

Get Satisfaction Facebook Integration

Facebook is a great tool for marketers, but it’s a little bit more difficult for community and support folks to manage out of the box. Due to the ever-changing nature of Timeline, it’s pretty difficult to keep up with a conversation on a busy page as it will, literally, move around. It can also be difficult to easily show that a conversation has been driven to resolution due to a lack of status markers.

The Get Satisfaction integration for Facebook allows you to mirror your community on your brand’s Facebook Timeline which encourages your Facebook fans to engage in the community to drive resolution. Using the “Share” feature within the app will allow users to deep-link their community topics to their own Timelines, and when other users click on the links they’ll be directed back to the community app on Facebook. All Moderation Tool actions used in your community (close, set a status, etc.) will be reflected in the Facebook app, so your customers can easily monitor their own conversations, as well as use our search features to find other relevant information.

To learn how to install Get Satisfaction for Facebook, please read the following Education article: Facebook Integration.

Best Practices: Get Satisfaction for Facebook

1. Upload a custom header or crate custom header text
With Get Satisfaction for Facebook you’re able to upload a custom 810 X 140 header image that rests atop the application. You can also add custom header text that will appear below this image. Use the header image to further brand the experience and the text to welcome new members, or ask members to include certain information in their posts.

3. Choose what content you want your users to see

Configure your application with a custom tab name and choose whether or not to display all topic types. If you want to encourage more Praise in your community, highlight that tab and consider removing the Problems tab. Looking to encourage product feedback? Highlight the Ideas tab.

Additionally, you can also choose to filter all of your content and/ or search results by a singular product tag. A very useful tip for brands who may have multiple Facebook pages feeding into one Get Satisfaction community.

Get Satisfaction for HootSuite

Setting up the Get Satisfaction Hootsuite Integration

Like Facebook, Twitter also has tremendous value for businesses but there are a few drawbacks due to the nature of the platform. The first issue many community and support managers run into is the character limit. It’s difficult to effectively resolve issues, ask the right questions, or convey real emotion when you have a limited number of characters. Secondly, it’s difficult to reuse any tweets to help out future customers, so your team has to spend additional time to answer a question that’s already been asked.

Get Satisfaction for HootSuite helps you to extend the life of the tweets and Facebook wall posts that have been sent to your brand. Using the integration, community Admins can create a new topic in the community based on the content from the tweet or wall post, and immediately post a reply to the topic. The link to the topic can then be tweeted/ posted immediately back to the user from your brand’s Twitter handle or Facebook brand page. The topic posts are, by default, indexed by search engines so future users can find the content, and the life of the content is extended for as long as the topic is active in your community.

Additionally, Get Satisfaction for HootSuite allows community managers to bring a stream of their community activity into their HootSuite dashboard, so they’re able to watch all of their social channels all in one place.

To learn more about Get Satisfaction for HootSuite, review this Help Article: HootSuite.

Best Practices: Get Satisfaction for HootSuite

1. Organize the HootSuite Dashboard

One of Hootsuite’s best features is the ability to have several different tabs on a user’s dashboard, and then multiple streams within each particular tab. For example, within one tab a Community Manager could have 5 different streams containing: Twitter @mentions for their brand, a complex hashtag search stream, their Facebook brand page wall posts, their Get Satisfaction community topics, and comments from their YouTube video stream. That means Twitter, Facebook, Get Satisfaction, YouTube, and more can all be monitored from one single location. So get creative! Think about the goals that you’re trying to achieve with your customer community and social media, and create customized tabs and streams to support those goals.

2. Import Your Praise

It’s important to make sure that question and problem related tweets are imported into your Get Satisfaction community so you can provide a detailed answer and see the topic through to resolution, but make sure you don’t forget about praise! Oftentimes brands will get great Tweets from your customers or end users saying how much they love their product. Using the HootSuite integration, Community Managers can import positive Tweets/ Wall posts into their community as Praise topics and extend the life of the positive content. Praise topics will be search indexed, which increases the chance of others finding it, and brands can continue to highlight this praise on their company’s website by using Engage widgets.

3. Eliminate The Noise

Twitter is great, but sometimes a company’s main feed can get a little busy. Eliminate the noise by creating streams with specific boolean search terms. Use a combination of hashtags, emoticons and boolean operators to ensure your teams are all looking at the most relevant Tweets possible. Don’t forget to search for non-@mentions of your company too!

Also, you can filter down your Get Satisfaction community streams by specific topic type. Say you’re in charge of responding to all recent activity on Ideas in your community. Simply filter the stream by Ideas, and add any additional search terms if you like, and the stream will automatically repopulate. You could even add a second filtered Get Satisfaction community stream if you’d like.

For more best practices, please read this community topic: Best Practices for using the HootSuite/ Get Satisfaction Integration.

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