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Introduction to Gamification

The Get Satisfaction gamification feature recognizes and rewards community members for actions in a community. This feature awards points for activities such as answering a question, sharing a best practice, suggesting an idea, or writing a product or service review. Rewarding active members with points and badges can help drive engagement in communities. Your community team can also track member contributions, award badges to community members, and identify and acknowledge their most active and influential community members. The gamification features allow companies to identify their greatest advocates and cultivate those relationships.

A number of customers are already leveraging the gamification feature in their Get Satisfaction communities, including Blackbaud, Blue Jeans Network, Extreme Networks, Homestead, Hootsuite, SPS Commerce, and Telstra. Early results are striking with customers seeing community participation levels increase as much as 78% in just a matter of weeks.

  • Homestead, a leader in web site creation, marketing and hosting, hosts a Get Satisfaction community for 27,000+ members. “With gamification, we see customers helping each other at a higher rate than before,” said Drew Nicholas, Social Media Specialist for Homestead.
  • Extreme Networks, which provides high-performance, open networking innovations, hosts a community of 1,600+ members. “The addition of gamification has made it easy to see who our champions really are. It gives the community a fun, transparent way to show appreciation for our most helpful users,” said Drew Claybrook,¬†Community Manager¬†for Extreme Networks.
  • SPS Commerce, a retail cloud service platform provider, has an active community of 1,800+ members. “At SPS Commerce, the gamification feature has proven its value with increased end user engagement. Beyond this, we have had a good time competing internally,” said Jordan Skillman, Support Center Lead for SPS Commerce.

To learn more about the gamification feature or to see a demo of the feature in action please contact our sales team.

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