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Essentials to Customer Success

Having a successful and thriving community involves several different components. The essentials of a successful community can be broken down into what we call the 10 Community Success Factors. As part of the launch process with Get Satisfaction, we focus on helping you establish the groundwork for these factors.

  1. Voice-of-the-Customer Culture – How do you plan to listen to your customers? How will you act on the insights provided in the community? How do you plan to deliver a response to your customers using the community?
  2. Business Case – What departments will benefit from the community? How will they interact in the community? What measurable goals will each gain from the community?
  3. Owners & Stakeholders – Who are the primary owners of the community? Does anyone still need to subscribe to the benefits of community? Are there any potential hurdles for you to overcome?
  4. Internal Communication – How will you communicate information gathered from the community to others internally? How do you want other departments at your company to interact in the community?
  5. Social Ecosystem – What other social channels does your company have and how will they relate to the community? Will the same team own social and community? If not, how will the two teams share knowledge and interact?
  6. Technical Ecosystem – What other platforms are you using that will be integrated with your community? Who will be responsible for setting these up and maintaining them? How can you leverage these to meet your goals?
  7. On-going Engagement – How will you promote your community? How will you help build the community in the short and long term?
  8. Curation/Moderation – What are your internal moderation guidelines? Will you create a schedule for curating content so that it is easy for your customers, and your team, to find community topics?
  9. Launch Plan – How will you configure and brand your community? Who will set up the entry points? What is your timeline to launch?
  10. Measure & Iterate – How do you plan to measure success? What does this look like to you and to your company?

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