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Using Private Conversations

Using the private conversations feature makes it possible for your community members to create private conversations and for your community management team to turn existing conversations into private conversations.

Using private conversations allows your community members to share personal details in a secure space. When this feature is activated on your community, community members can start new private conversations on their own. Sometimes community members may need to share personal contact information or account information. Knowing that the content will only be viewed by your community team, your customers can feel comfortable sharing information that will make it easier for your team to quickly assist them.

Being able to turn a regular conversation into a private conversation lets your community managers moderate content more effectively. Sometimes community members will accidentally post personal information that really should not be viewed by everyone. With just a couple of clicks, these conversations can be made private. Private conversations can also be changed into public conversations if needed.

Using private conversations keeps everything located in your community. When a conversation goes from the community into an email or ticketing system, your customers can get confused and not know where they are supposed to follow up or how they can track a resolution. Instead of having to follow up through an external system, your community team can make the conversation private and request more details there without anyone ever having to leave the Get Satisfaction platform. Private conversations is also a great solution for smaller teams that don’t have access to a support ticketing system but are already using their community to assist their customers.

By keeping the conversation within your community, this also helps your community team effectively track their metrics related to your community goals. There is even a preset filter in Manage Workspace to view only private conversations. The conversations are there for your team to use in analytics, reports, and community content exports.

To learn more about how your community members can post privately, please read the following Education Center article – Creating a Private Conversation.

To learn more about turning an existing conversation into a private conversation, please read the following Education Center article – How to Make a Conversation Private.

The private conversation feature is available for most customers. Please post in the Get Satisfaction customer community or contact the Get Satisfaction support team to add this feature to your community.

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