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Gamification Overview

Get Satisfaction Gamification

The Gamification feature from Get Satisfaction makes it easy to drive engagement in your community. Your community members are rewarded points and badges based off specific actions they take in your community. Having an easy way to track community member interactions and reward them for posting content and interacting with one another has long-been requested by Get Satisfaction customers. Our Gamification feature now does exactly that – it recognizes and rewards community members for actions in a community.

This feature awards points for activities such as answering a question, sharing a best practice, suggesting an idea, or writing a product or service review. Rewarding active members with points and badges can help drive engagement in communities. Your community team can also track member contributions, award badges to community members, and identify and acknowledge their most active and influential community members. The gamification features allow companies to identify their greatest advocates and cultivate those relationships.

To learn more about the gamification feature or to see a demo of the feature in action please contact our sales team.

Where are the Gamification elements reflected in the community?

The Gamification elements can be seen in a variety of places on the on the community homepage and within community conversations.

Get Satisfaction Gamification

The About the Community page includes a list of all members of a community. This list is sorted by points awarded over different timeframes allowing visitors to quickly get a sense for who the most relevant people are. Users can choose between leaderboards for the last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, or all time. This display can also be filtered show all community members, just community members, only employees, or just Champions.

Get Satisfaction Gamification

Within community topics, the points earned and a badge are displayed next to the names of those posting topics and replies. Usually community members associate a high number of points with active and experienced members that they can trust. This helps new community members figure out who the experts in the community may be. This also encourages potential experts to interact more to gain the credibility involved with having a higher number of points.

Get Satisfaction Gamification

On the sidebar of the community homepage, there is a section titled “Most Helpful Members”. This list shows the 5 members who have gained the most points within the past 30 days. It also includes the last time the user was active to better set an expectation of whether you can expect to run into that user within the community.

Get Satisfaction Gamification

When a users name is clicked on from within a community conversation, a mini user profile appears. This displays information about the recent activity the user has taken in your community. It also displays the activity points and their current badge.

Get Satisfaction Gamification

Tracking your own points is even easier. In the navigation bar your total number of points and your badge level appear next to your user icon.


How can Gamification be tracked in Manage Workspace?

There are two different ways that gamification content can be found in Manage Workspace.

Manage Workspace LeaderboardsThe Leaderboard section of Manage Workspace helps you see who the most productive members of  the community are. It displays insights on points accrued by members in your community and actions that contributed to these points. Using this feature, it can be determined who the most productive community members are.

In Manage Workspace, the Leaderboards section can be accessed from the Gamification icon on the left side menu. This is accessible from any screen in Manage Workspace. Select this menu item to display the leaderboard page that lists all the people in your community along with points awarded to them over different time frames. You can learn more about this tab in Manage Workspace by reading the following Education Center article – Leaderboards.

Manage Workspace Leaderboards

To view the actions that contributed to members’ point totals. Select a person’s name in the Leaderboard to navigate to their People detail to see point totals and the actions that earned them those points. This can be sorted by all contributions, conversations, responses, and likes received. You can also access their profile through the People Management view.

Please note that, at this time, the point values are not displayed in Analyze workspace.


How are the points calculated?

Get Satisfaction Gamification

Clicking on any badge in your Get Satisfaction community will open a window that explains how many points it took to achieve that badge.  A break down of how the points are accumulated is available from the link at the bottom of this window. This link is unique for each community and can be accessed from

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