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Creating New Conversations in the Community

Community members can create new conversations in a community at any time. Conversations are initiated through the main search/ conversation creation box on the community homepage, the post button in the navigation bar, or the search bar in the navigation bar.

Creating New Conversations in the Community

When the “Go” button is pressed, the application will initiate a search to help present the community member with the answer to their question. If they don’t find the answer to their question in the search results, they can create a brand new conversation by clicking the “Create a Conversation” button at the bottom of the screen.

Creating a New Conversation in the Community

The user will be brought to the conversation creation page where they can add additional details about their question. They can also share their sentiment and associate a category to their post. If they are not signed in or need to create an account, they will can do so from this page.

Creating New Conversations in the CommunityAfter they have signed in or created an account, the community members will press the “Post” button and the conversation will appear on the community.

Creating New Conversations in the CommunityCommunity members will see a success message at the top of the page once their post goes through. At that point they can continue to browse other conversations in the community, or share their conversation through their social channels.

Custom Prompts for New Conversations
You can now configure custom prompts that can help guide customers through posting a new conversation. Depending on the conversation type that they select, you can add custom text to help guide your community members with comments, questions, posting guidelines, and more.

You can learn more about creating your custom prompts by reading the following help article: Creating Custom Prompts for New Conversations.

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