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Invite to the Community and to Categories

Growing the membership of your community is one of the hurdles that companies face in building a successful community. Now, you are able to invite your customers, employees, and brand advocates to your community using only their email address.

Get Satisfaction Bulk Invite

The bulk invite feature allow your community manager with a management seat to invite employees, champions, and members to participate in your community. You can suggest specific categories to follow, and also grant them access to restricted categories. All of these actions can be taken on an individual or group basis.


Invite members to the community & assign roles

The ability to invite members to your community and assign roles gives the community manager a new way to engage with their audience. Often times companies have a list of contacts that they would love to have join their community, but until now have had to depend on using an external system to send an invitation for people to join their community. By being able to invite members directly, it is now much easier to bring your active employees, customers, and brand advocates into your community.

Get Satisfaction Bulk Invite

Invite members

You can send invitations to individuals from the People section of Manage Workspace. To do this, select the invitation icon at the top of the page. The invitation icon is the dark grey envelope.

Get Satisfaction Bulk Invite

Learn more about how to access Manage Workspace by reading the following article: Accessing Manage Workspace.

Invite members in bulk

If you would rather invite multiple people to your community, you can upload a CSV file containing rows with email address and optional names name (optional), separated by a comma. Enter a single email address + name on each line in the CSV file.

Get Satisfaction Bulk Invite

When you upload the CSV file, you will see the list of names invitees presented on the page, as if you entered them manually.  You can invite up to 1,000 people at a time.

Assign roles to invited members

When you invite people to your community, you decide what role they will have in your Get Satisfaction community. By default, everyone will be added as a community member. If you would like different groups to have different permissions within the community, you must invite each group based around the community role that they will be assigned.  For example, if you are inviting some people as community members and others as employees, each group would need to be invited separately.

Get Satisfaction Bulk Invite

Because of this, it’s very important that those inviting users to your community understand the different community roles. Learn more about community roles by reading the following article:  Community Roles & Titles.

Please note: If you assign different roles to the same user when you include them in different invitation groups, the role with the highest privilege will be assigned to them.  For example, if you make someone a Member in one invitation and subsequently included that same person as a Champion in a second invitation, they will be added as a Champion.

Suggest categories to follow

If there are specific categories that you would like your invited members to follow, you can select these during the invite process.

Get Satisfaction Bulk Invite

By following a category, the member will receive an email notification whenever a new conversation is posted to that category.This can keep members engaged in your community and increase their participation levels. When they accept the invitation, they are shown the categories you have suggested to them. While they can opt-out of following them at that point, if they do nothing they will automatically follow your suggested categories.

If you would like to invite users to an access restricted category, you can do so by following the process here – Invite members to an access restricted category.

Learn more about content categories by reading the following article: Categories & Category Sets.

View sent invitations

After you have sent invitations to your potential community members, you are able to see the status of the invitations. To view the sent invitations, select the pending invitations icon at the top of the page. The invitation icon is a white envelope.

Bulk invite - View sent invitations

From the drop-down menu , you can choose to view a list of those who have been sent invitations (and not yet accepted them), those who have accepted invitations, the invitations that have been revoked, and those who have unsubscribed as a result of the invitation email. By default, this list will display all sent invitations. This list will display invitations that have been sent, along with the invitation details, the date they were sent, and the person who sent them.

To learn more about Bulk Invite, please read the training section created around this feature – Bulk Invite Training.

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