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Customized Content Views

With Manage Workspace, community managers can build and save custom views that enable them to quickly see the content that matters most to them.

Default Grid View

The default view will show all active conversations ordered by most recent activity. In the “All Conversations” column you can quickly see the conversation’s title, the author of the conversation or the author of the most recent reply/ comment, the total number of replies on the conversation, and when the most recent activity occurred.

Customized Content Views

Additional views are available from the view slider. To access these views, hover over the orange conversation icon to open up the view slider. Then click on the view of your choice. The “Today’s Conversations” view will display all conversations that have been created today. The timezone used to filter these conversations is currently set to GMT. The “No Employee Response” view will display all conversations that have not yet had a reply posted by a community employee. Conversations created by an employee will appear in this view until they have an employee reply.

Customized Content Views

Sections include:

System Status

Company Updates