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Accessing Manage Workspace

Manage Workspace is home to all of your content management & moderation tools. In the near future, it will also be home to user management tools.

Get Satisfaction Manage Content and Users

This workspace will be accessed daily by community managers, and will be used to respond to new conversations, archive outdated conversations, mark answers as official, add tags to conversations, etc.

Who can access Manage Workspace?

In order to access Manage Workspace, a community employee or champion must have a Management Seat associated with their account. Management Seat holders will have full access to all of the functionality provided by Manage Workspace. The amount of available Management Seats will vary based on your company’s contract with Get Satisfaction.

How do I access Manage Workspace?

Manage Workspace is a completely separate application than your community. You’ll notice this because the URL for Manage Workspace will start with: instead of the same URL that your community uses. Manage Workspace can be accessed by clicking the “Manage” link from your community toolbar, or you can simply bookmark the console URL.

Your community toolbar will vary based on the version of the community that you are running, so please review the images below to confirm. If you do not see the “Manage” link appear in your toolbar it’s likely that you do not have a Management Seat associated with the account that you have logged in with.

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