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Setting Up a Custom URL

Creating a custom URL for your community is an important step for many brands. It’s a relatively simple process, but it does require steps that may involve other groups at your company and other services. When you set up a custom URL, you are doing what is called Domain Aliasing. Instead of customers seeing, they will see

The first step is to generate and upload an SSL certificate. You can learn more about that by reading the following help article: Adding an SSL Certificate.

Once your SSL certificate has been uploaded, you can add your domain alias to the community to mask the domain. Follow these steps to add your domain alias:

  1. Ensure your SSL certificate has been uploaded successfully.
  2.  Sign in to your domain hosting service (e.g.: GoDaddy, Google Apps, etc.) and locate the DNS management page. The location varies by service, but can typically be found under Domain Management or Advanced Settings.
  3. Create a new CNAME record for the subdomain of your choice (e.g.:, and point the CNAME to the hostname displayed in the DNS Setup section. Please note, we provide 2 different hostnames – one for testing, and one for production. You must point your CNAME record to the production hostname before taking your community live. Get Satisfaction Add Your Custom Domain
  4. Once you have pointed your CNAME to the specified hostname in your DNS management settings, check the “Yes, I have updated my DNS” checkbox that appears on the Domain Aliasing page in Configure Workspace. Then press the “Save Domain Alias” button. Get Satisfaction Add Your Custom Domain

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