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Set Up Your Community Details

The Community Details page in the Configure Workspace contains core personalization options for a community. Community Admins and Official Reps have access to the Community Details page.

Set up Your Community Details

Basic Information
This section let’s you edit the most essential community details and is one of the most important sections to set up during the launch process of your community.

Set Up Your Community Details - Basic Information

  • Organization Name – The name that you would like to appear in the user profile bar, and at the top of the community itself.
  • Language – This lets you set the language that you would like your community, Engage widgets, and Facebook application to use.
  • Community URL – This is the current URL for your community.
  • Custom Community Title – The phrase you would like to appear in the browser tab when users visit your community.
  • Description – The content that appears underneath the community name near the top of the community.
  • Feedback Email Address – This enables the “send privately” feature on Engage widgets and the Facebook app.

Community Version
By default, all new Get Satisfaction communities created after November, 2013 are on the new community version. Moving your community to this new version is very easy and can be done from this section.

Set Up Your Community Details - Community Version

  • “New User Interface” enables the new version of the Get Satisfaction platform. This interface has responsive design, is mobile and tablet friendly, easy to update, and is the platform that will receive new feature updates and bug fixes. This version is the default version for all new Get Satisfaction communities.
  • “Legacy User Interface” enables the previous version of the Get Satisfaction platform. This interface is not responsive, requires custom code to update, and will not see any new features implemented for the remainder of the lifecycle.
It may take up to 5 minutes for the platform to update based on your selection.

Logos & Badges
Adding your logo is an easy way to quickly brand your community.

Set Up Your Community Details - Logos & Badges

  • Logos are used in the community in the absence of a custom header. This creates a way for you to easily brand your community in seconds.

Participation Settings
This section lets you add a customized Message to the Community. This text will appear in the community sidebar.

Set Up Your Community Details - Participation Settings

  • Message to the Community content is displayed on the right hand side of the community in both the new and legacy applications. Approved HTML can be used to add styles to the text, include links, embed images or video clips, etc.
  • Participation status is only displayed in the legacy application (user interface).

Support Links
The Support Links section allows community managers to link to any external sources that might be relevant for their community members.

Set Up Your Community Details - Support LinksHelpful links include: product information pages, marketing pages, your company’s blog, Twitter account, support pages, a link to private support for 1:1 help, etc. You can also link to specific community topics or product pages as well.

Support Links on a Get Satisfaction Customer CommunityThese links will appear on the community right hand sidebar under the heading “Related”.

Google Analytics Settings
Adding your Google Account ID allows community teams to track certain community data in their Google Analytics dashboard. Popular community data that is tracked using Google Analytics includes: page views, referral pages, search traffic, etc.

Set Up Your Community Details - Google Analytics Settings

If you don’t have a Google Analytics UA code, you can sign up for one at The Universal Analytics code is not supported.

Participation Suspension Settings
The participation suspension feature allows community employees with a management seat enabled to suspend the participation privileges of problem users within a specific community.

Set Up Your Community Details - Participation Suspension Settings

This feature requires a valid email address to use. For specific details on how to set up and use the participation suspension tool, please read the following Help Center article: Suspending a User’s Participation Privileges.

System Status

Company Updates