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Customizing Your Community

Customizing a Get Satisfaction community is quick and easy. All customization and branding changes are made from the Configure Workspace.


Sections include:

What can be customized?
Get Satisfaction is a software platform that powers thousands of customer communities. Customers are able to make changes to their core community elements, but not elements outside of the community that reside on our broader platform.

Community elements that can be customized include:

  • Community header & footer
  • Community browser favicon
  • Community colors & labels
  • Community main column & sidebar (if advanced customization is enabled)
  • The types of conversations that are used in the community
  • Mini user profile
  • Tablet experience
  • Mobile experience
  • Get Satisfaction for Facebook*
  • Engage Widgets*

* Get Satisfaction for Facebook and the Engage Widgets have their own separate customization options that are applied from their respective pages in the Configure Workspace.

What cannot be customized?
Customizations will NOT apply to the following platform elements:

  • Employee/ Champion badge icon
  • Full user profile & dashboard
  • Login experience & authentication overlays*
  • Configure Workspace pages
  • Manage Workspace pages
  • Analyze Workspace pages
  • Prompts/ default texts in Moderation Tools
  • Email notification format/ templates
  • System error pages
  • Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy pages

*If a community is restricted to using single sign on (FastPass) as a login method, then the login page can be customized.

Custom code cannot be added to the Get Satisfaction application, but custom widgets, integrations, and applications can be built leveraging data from our APIs.


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