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Creating & Customizing Widgets

Engage Widgets allow companies to embed content from their communities in various parts of their application or website.

There are 7 different Engage Widget modules to choose from, with a variety of content curation options. Use “Topic List” or “Preset Topic List” widgets to display relevant community content on product pages. Use the “Feedback Tab” widget to gather customer feedback from all pages of your site. Install the “Company Updates” widget on your company’s About Us or News page. You can even deploy a cluster of widgets, if you’d like! Once deployed, community conversations are displayed inline, right alongside relevant company and product information.

Get Satisfaction Creating & Customizing Widgets

SPS Commerce has a cluster of widgets on their support page.

Engage Widgets can be set up from the Configure Workspace, and the supplied code only needs to be deployed to the corporate website once. Engage widgets are available in all languages.


To create or update an Engage widget, you must be an Admin of your community.

1. Log in to the Admin section and then click “Engage widgets” from the left hand navigation pane.

2. Choose to start a new widget, or edit the settings of an existing widget. From there, continue using our Widget Wizard fully configure your widget.

3. To deploy an Engage widget, simply copy and paste the code before the closing body tag (</body>) on your page.

If you need to make changes to your widget once the code has been deployed, simply go back into the Widget Wizard and edit as necessary. Once you click “Save,” the changes will automatically be deployed to the widget on your site.

Please note that if you are creating a Widget for specific content categories, people may be able to add content into categories that they could not from the community directly. When you are creating a category within your community there is an option to allow only people with a Management Seat to be able to add content to this category. If a Widget is created that allows for the creation of community content and includes this category, anyone creating content through the widget will be able to add content to this category. Because users who find your Widget are often actively looking for a way to communicate with your team, it’s best to use only community categories that you would like your members to post in.

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