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Create a Custom Welcome Email

The custom welcome email feature allows your community manager with a management seat to create a custom welcome email that will be sent to new users in your community. This feature works separately from the bulk invite feature, which allows you to suggest specific categories to follow, and also grant them access to restricted categories.

The ability to send a custom welcome email gives the community manager a great new way to engage with their audience right when they join the community. Being able to include a welcome message, helpful links, and even add in images can create help to engage community members when they join the community and guide them around the important areas of the community. There is even the option to include raw HTML.

Welcome Email

You can craft custom welcome emails from Configure Workspace. To do this, start in the main Configure Workspace area. From the menu on the left-hand side, select “Welcome Email”.

Welcome Email

The next screen is where the content of the custom welcome email can be entered. You can select what email address the welcome email will be sent from, add a custom email title, text, links, images, and even add raw HTML. To find out more details about what can be included, please read the following Education Center article – Welcome Email.

Welcome Email

The joining process will continue to look the same to your members. The only difference is that this custom email will arrive in their inbox after they have joined your community.

If you have invited someone through the bulk invite feature, they will still receive their invitation email. After accepting their invitation, they will not receive the custom welcome email. This is because the bulk invite feature already includes the option for you to customize the invitation email.

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