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Setting Employee Roles

Get Satisfaction has role based access applied to the application. Community roles can be set through People Management within Manage Workspace.

Setting Employee Roles

There are five roles in any Get Satisfaction community beyond a regular community member:

  • Admin – Admins have full access to the Configure workspace. This role is best suited for project managers, technical implementation managers, or those helping with the initial set up and launch of a community. The Admin role + Management Seat is the best option for a Community Strategist or Lead Community Manager.
  • Official Rep – Official Reps have limited access Configure workspace. This role is best suited for part-time Community Managers and Moderators, or contract employees.
  • Employee – Employee is the most basic role available to company employees. This role is best suited for users who occasionally participate in the community, but still have an employee badge.
  • Champion – Champion is the most appropriate role for your most supportive and loyal customers, and brand advocates who are strong contributors within your community.
  • Alum – This role is appropriate to use for your former employees that are no longer a part of the community, but whose content you still want to highlight as valuable. Alums have the same permissions as a regular community member, with no access to any Admin sections of a community.

With the first four roles, a Management Seat can be selected for additional privileges and functionality. Management seats cannot be selected for Alums. A Management Seat gives the user access to:

  • Moderation Tools – Moderation tools include the ability to close, archive, merge, remove, or fork content, set official responses, suspend a user’s participation privileges, and anoint new Champions.
  • Curation Tools – Curation tools include the ability to mark topic statuses, change topic types, edit topic subjects, and use category and private tags.
  • Community Health Analytics – Default set of reporting capabilities

Adding a Management Seat to a role is done through the Employees & Roles section of Configure Workspace.

Setting Employee Roles

For more information about what each role can access on your community, please read the Community Roles & Privileges Grid.

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