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Adding and Removing Employees

There are a variety of roles that can be found in any one community on Get Satisfaction. Adding employees to your community and making sure that they have the correct role can be done in just a couple of steps.

Adding and Removing Employees

Included in this section is information on how to invite employees to your community, how to remove employees, details about the various employee roles offered within your community, and how to set a custom public title.

Inviting Employees to Your Community
The Admin, Official Rep, and Employee roles are all considered “employees” within a community. Community employees will have an “Employee” badge on their avatar when they participate in your company’s community, making it clear that they are associated with the company.

To add new employees to your community, simply use the invite tool on the Employees & Roles page in the Configure workspace.

Adding and Removing Employees

Scroll to the bottom of the existing employees & Champions list to find the invite tool.

Adding and Removing EmployeesUsers who are already signed up for Get Satisfaction will become employees in your community if you add them using the email address that is associated with their user account. They will automatically appear in your employees list with the “Employee” level role.

Users who aren’t already signed up for Get Satisfaction will be sent an email invitation at the email address that you specify. Employees who received an email invitation must accept it before you can change their role.

Removing Employees from Your Community
To change the status of a user so that they no longer function as an Employee in the community, click the “Remove” link to the right of their name.

This will remove their employee status and employee privileges in your community but will not affect their user account or content.

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