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Google Analytics

Learn which keywords are driving traffic to your community by integrating your Google Analytics UA code.
If you’re on any of our paid plans, you’ll see the option to incorporate Google Analytics in the Admin section of your community.

Get Satisfaction Configure Google Analytics

To enable Google Analytics, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your community and click “Admin” from the grey community tools bar
  2. Select “Community Details”, and click on “Google Analytics Settings” near the bottom
  3. Enter your Google Analytics UA code.
  4. Invite  Get Satisfaction [ gsanalytics @ getsatisfaction . com ] as a user to the UA code project. If you do not complete this step in the process, the Google Analytics-based reports will not work properly.
  5. In Google Analytics, set the permissions for Get Satisfaction to “Read and Analyze”. To learn more about how to do this, please read the Google Analytics Help article – User Permissions.

Note: Only Community Admins can set up/ modify the Google Analytics UA code.

Make sure you create a new Website Profile in Google Analytics for your community that is not being used on any other websites, as that will skew the results.

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