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Advanced Community Health Analytics

Advanced Community Health Analytics (Advanced CHA) is available to all customers as an a la carte service.

Get Satisfaction Advanced Community Health Analytics

CHA Advanced comes standard with 1 dashboard containing 10 default tabs, and over 120 pre-built reports. The pre-built reports are organized on to the different tabs by type, and all 10 tabs come together to make up the dashboard.

The Community Health tab is designed to provide a quick snapshot of several different aspects of your community. In this tab you’ll find reports like the percentage of questions in the last 30 days that have been answered by a different community member, new/ active users over the last 30 days, average response times, and pageviews over the last 30 days.

The rest of the tabs dive deeper into each aspect of a community, including: responsiveness, engagement, topics (content), topic activity, users, search, sentiment and archived topics. The leaderboards tab will highlight most active community members, employees, topics, etc.

Setting up Advanced Community Health Analytics
To set up your version of Advanced CHA, follow the 4 steps below.

Step 1: Set Your Timezone

This will be done during the set up of your community and will need to be done by a member of our Success Team. Once set, the timezone cannot be easily changed. If for some reason you do need to change your timezone, please submit a ticket and our team will help you in doing so.

Step 2: Set Your Google Analytics Code

To set your custom Google Analytics code, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your community, and navigate to the Configure Workspace
  2. Click on the “Community Details” page from the left hand navigation
  3. Click on the “Google Analytics Settings” section, and enter in your Classic UA code.

Adding a custom GA code is essential to ensuring the page view and search data for your community is accurate. If a custom GA code is not added, the data in your page view, visitor, and search reports in Advanced Community Health Analytics will be based on sampled approximations.

Google’s “Universal Analytics Code” is not supported.

Step 3. Invite the Get Satisfaction User to Google Analytics

To invite the Get Satisfaction user to your Google Analytics project, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard and click “Admin”
  2. Click “Profiles” from the GA Admin page
  3. Click “Users”
  4. Under the “Enter User Information” section, enter and then click “Add User”

A member of the Get Satisfaction team can confirm that the email address has successfully been added.

Step 4: Set Your Business Hours

Your standard business hours will be set for you during the launch process. If you need to change your business hours, please submit a ticket and our team will help you in doing so.

Access to Advanced Community Health Analytics
There are 2 ways to access Advanced Community Health Analytics – through Analyze Workspace, or through GoodData’s web interface. You will access the data through your community’s Analyze Workspace when you want to view the data, or download pre-existing reports. You will access data through GoodData’s web interface when you want to edit a pre-existing report, create a custom report, create a new tab in your dashboard, or create a brand new dashboard. We do not recommend editing your reports through Analyze Workspace.

All community employees have access to view, download, and edit the data through both the Analyze Workspace and the GoodData web interface. Advanced Community Health Analytics dashboards, tabs, and reports are global, so any changes made by one employee will be seen by all others.

Log In To Analyze Workspace

To log in to Analyze Workspace, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your community
  2. Click “Analyze” from either the management dropdown in the user profile bar, or from the link within Manage Workspace

Log In To GoodData

To log in to GoodData’s web interface, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your community
  2. Click “Analyze” from either the management dropdown in the user profile bar, or from the link within Manage Workspace
  3. Once Analyze Workspace loads, open up a new tab in your browser and visit
  4. When GoodData’s homepage loads, click “sign in” from the upper right hand corner of the page
  5. Single sign on between Get Satisfaction and GoodData on will automatically take you to the data associated with your community. If you have access to the data of multiple communities, use the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of to navigate to the community you’d like to view

Logging into your community’s Analyze Workspace before visiting GoodData’s site ensures that the single sign on session is active, so do not skip this step. If you visit GoodData

Viewing Dashboards & Data
To quickly view your community’s Advanced CHA data, log in to your community and click “Analyze” from either the management dropdown in the user profile bar, or from the link within Manage Workspace. The default dashboard, tabs, and reports will load within your community’s Analyze Workspace page. Click on the different tabs to view the reports and download any necessary data. Scroll down to see additional reports located below the page fold.

When you view your data through the Analyze Workspace, think of it as being primarily in read only mode. Though you can edit the main dashboard from within your Get Satisfaction community, it is not recommended as it is difficult to recover tabs and reports that have been accidentally deleted, or reverse changes to a saved report. If you wish to create a new report, or make substantial changes to your dashboard it is recommended to do so from GoodData’s web interface.

Downloading Data
Advanced CHA data can be easily downloaded from the Analyze Workspace, or from the GoodData web interface.

To download data from either Analyze Workspace or GoodData’s web interface, hover over your desired report and click the icon with a downward facing arrow. That icon will open up a pop up menu. Click the “Download As” button from the pop up menu to download the data as a PDF, PNG, Excel, or CSV file.

Get Satisfaction CHA Advanced Downloading Data


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