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Q, How do I get more information about this course?

A. For more information or questions about the course, contact Tashina Combs, Get Satisfaction’s Education Specialist, at or contact our Sales team at 877-339-3997.

Q, Is there a prerequisite for this course?

A. No, this course does not require any prerequisites.

Q, What level of experience is necessary for this course?

A. This course is suitable for those who are new to community management as well as those with several years of experience. The content is accessible to individuals with little to no direct community experience while at the same time challenges those with experience to take their strategy, practices and performance to a new level.

Q, How long will it take to complete?

A. The course is based on a series of  videos totalling approximately 12 hours of instruction. As this course is on-demand, it can be taken at the student’s pace. On an aggressive timeline, a student could complete the course in a few short weeks. Others may wish to work the course into a busy schedule, in which case it will take longer. The instructional videos are available to students for a full year.

Q, Do I need to have a community set up to benefit from the course?

A. No, students who are in the planning phase of a community launch will benefit just as much as students already managing a live community.

Q, Do I need to have a community based on the Get Satisfaction community platform?

A. No, the content of the course is relevant regardless of the platform that a company uses.

Q, What payment options are available?

A. The course can be paid for with a credit card or via a customer invoice—which ever the customer prefers.

Q, Tell me more about the certification I receive.

A. Students will receive a printed certification in the mail indicating their completion of the course. They will also receive a digital badge for the course that they can include on their LinkedIn profile or other online professional summaries.

Q, Tell me more about the comprehensive strategic plan that students have at the end of the course.

A. Upon completion, all students leave the course with a detailed strategic plan for their community. This plan is a 75+ page document that gives students everything they need to roll up their sleeves and launch or improve their community. It includes community objectives, strategies, tactics and measurable goals.

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