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Community Manager Essentials

Community Management Essentials is an on-demand course educating community managers—and others with community responsibilities—on how to tap the full potential of an existing community or lead the launch of a new one. Community managers now have the opportunity to be among the first to receive respected third-party certification in this emerging new professional role.

Full of rich video content and led by FeverBee Limited, a globally-respected subject matter expert, Community Management Essentials covers everything from strategic planning, assessing a company’s readiness, analyzing audience requirements and seeding content to moderation, user engagement and measuring return on investment.

Community Management Essentials is the only technology-agnostic course on community-building. Anyone can benefit, regardless of which community platform they use. At the end of Community Management Essentials, every student leaves armed with a 75+ page strategic plan outlining everything they need to manage a world-class community.

How Community Managers Benefit

  • Build, manage and grow a best-in-class community
  • Marshall company enthusiasm and resources around the customer experience
  • Be an industry leader in an emerging discipline
  • Highlight your expertise with respected credentials that follow you wherever you go

How Companies Benefit

  • Realize the full potential and value of a community
  • Develop a strategic plan for the community
  • Continuously analyze and improve the community’s performance
  • Demonstrate a clear return on investment from the community
  • Avoid common—and often costly—mistakes

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